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Update 07-Jun-2017
- fix Android 7.x Nougat issue

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What we got here!
Our WeatherForecastPro Weather App provides accurate and reliable weather forecast for cities and towns worldwide in a simple and weather reflected background with current condition for sleek look and feel.

Our premium free app Weather Forecast Pro for Android™ delivers advanced and in-depth weather information.

• Hourly 15-day forecasts for all cities on the World including more then 2 million world locations
• Update current weather conditions every hour
• Update forecast weather conditions every 3-4 hours
• Customizable Weather Widget
• Weather Sense Live Wallpaper with themes
• Low battery consumption
• fast, accurate and lightware

Tap like a Weather Forecast Pro!
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    15 days detailed weather foracast on every 3 hours.
    WeatherForecastPro is fully optimized for battery usage and internet traffic
    Widget for current weather condition and upcoming 3 days forecast.
    Live wallpaper that give you a feel for current weather outside.
    Choose for which location you want to receive push notifications.
    Easy way to change location in widget with one touch.
    You can change icons and backgrounds for live wallapaper and widget.
    Put you weather on livewallpaper and customize position for lock or home screen.
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    Use The WeatherForecastPro App in any season, take us on any trip, and plan to use us when you travel!

    You can specify location using any of these methods:
    • City and Town Name
    • UK Postcode
    • Canada Postal Code
    • US Zipcode
    • Latitude and Longitude using GPS or Network location services
    • IATA (Airport Code)

    Description of app incoming information:
    • Time of the observation
    • The temperature in degrees
    • Wind speed in kilometres/miles per hour
    • Wind direction in 16-point compass
    • Weather condition graphics
    • Weather condition description
    • Precipitation in millimetres/inches
    • Humidity in percentage
    • Visibility in kilometres or miles
    • Atmospheric pressure in millibars(HPa) or hgIn
    • Cloud cover in percentage
    • Chance of rain (precipitation)
    • Chance of being windy
    • Chance of being cloudy
    • Chance of being sunny
    • Chance of frost
    • Chance of fog
    • Chance of snow
    • Chance of thunder

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